Joachim Low outlines some of the weak areas of his national side

Germany are the current champions of the world of football as they won the latest edition of the World Cup which was back in 2014 and the German nation emerged victorious in a rather dominant fashion as they went through the group stages without suffering a single loss and only conceded 4 goals while managing to score 18 goals.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the German national side is the favorites of winning the upcoming tournaments including the 2016 Euro’s which is looming nearer and nearer.

As a way to prepare for the 2016 Euro’s, Germany has played a few friendly encounters against England and Italy. The team of Joachim managed to cruise past a 4-1 triumph over the Italian nation but they crumbled to a 2-3 when facing off with the English side.These 2 friendly matches that Germany recently played have helped Joachim Low to identify some of the weaknesses of his team.

“Against England, we lost our discipline and concentration, plus our conviction in the final phase. It was better against Italy, but there were still things we have to work on.”The fact we didn’t pull out all the stops is understandable, but when the teams plays well, then we have options.Nevertheless, there are a few areas such as our behavior in defence, our build-up play and our running patterns which we must improve on.” Germany’s Joachim Low said. Continue reading Joachim Low outlines some of the weak areas of his national side