Oliver Bierhoff provides his support to Jerome Boateng

Oliver Bierhoff provides his support to Jerome Boateng after racist remarks from German politician

The general manager of the German national team Oliver Bierhoff has provided his support to Jerome Boateng, who has been the subject of racist remarks from a German politician. Bierhoff has stated that Boateng has not been affected by the comments but insist that these kinds of statements should be condemned.

He said that Jerome Boateng is relaxed about these remarks, and he has not let himself been affected by them. However, Bierhoff believes that these unnecessary comments have hurt Boateng’s family, and this has definitely affected his private life.

The player who is currently with the German national side is preparing himself for the Euros. He will be having a final friendly match on Saturday before heading to France where they will be playing against Ukraine in their first match. Boateng will have preferred to avoid such unnecessary issues before an important tournament as the Euros and Bierhoff was keen to provide his support to his player.

ReinhardRauball, who is the president of the German Football League, also provided his support to the player. He stated that these kinds of comments did not have their place in not only the football world but also the society as a whole. He said that Jerome Boateng has the full support of the German football world in general. He stated that the comments made by the politician was unjustified and was only meant to cause harm.

Alexander Gauland is the politician who made the racist comments against Jerome Boateng. He is a right-wing politician for Alternative fur Deutschland. He has stated that he does not want to have Jerome Boateng as neighbor. His comments have sparked reactions across Germany, and many people have condemned the remarks made by Gauland.